Management Faculty of Color Association, Inc.

Past Presidents of MFCA

2001-2004 (Founding) President: Ian Williamson

2004-2005 President: Laquita Blockson

2005-2006 President: Darlene Gambill Motley

2006-2007 President: Olenda Johnson

2007-2008 President: Gwendolyn Combs

2008-2009 President: Donna Blancero

2009-2010 President: Joseph Garcia

2010-2011 President: Tiffany Galvin Green

2011-2013 President: Millicent Nelson

2013-2014 President: Angela Miles

2014-2015 President: Matrecia James

2015-2016 President: Jakari Griffith

2016-2017 President: Kimberly Ellis

2017-2018 President: Michelle French-Holloway

2018-2019 President: Paul Prosper

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